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Crossfit Raw and Retro Gymnastics Clinic July 13th 2024

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When: September 13, 2024
Time: 9am-12pm
Location: CrossFit Raw N' Retro
401 W Main St, Tremonton UT
Cost: $75

This clinic will focus on 
  • Ring Muscle Ups

Feeling nervous about skill level?
We believe athletes at all levels can begin to develop their skill and confidence on the rings and our clinic is designed with that in mind. Whether you have a ring muscle up or not, the majority of drills we go over can be done by athletes at every strength and skill level, while also incorporating advanced drills for those that already have their muscle-up. 

Will we be attempting Ring Muscle Ups?
Ring muscle ups are a very technical movement, and can be hard on your shoulders. Safety is our number one priority and we plan this clinic with your safety in mind. Before attempting an assisted ring muscle up we want to make sure you are comfortable swinging on the rings, have your toes to rings, that you can hold yourself up for 5-10 seconds in the support position at the top and bottom of the rings, and that you can perform various turnover drills. 


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